Arsenal lost being competitive under Wenger – Emery

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Unai Emery has told UK Newspapers that Arsenal lost their fighting spirit under Arsene Wenger. Emery was peaking ahead of Arsenal’s UEFA Europa League final against Chelsea in Baku.


In an interview with UK Newspapers, Emery said,

“When I arrived here, we changed some things,”

“Before Arsene Wenger, Arsenal were very competitive.

“With Wenger, it was very competitive and also he gave the team quality players, with a competitive spirit, who created the best moments in Arsenal. But in the last years they lost being competitive, keeping only the quality.

“I learned with other coaches, and also listening and watching, that here you need to be competitive with physical players and quality players. You need both. If you only have quality players it is difficult to catch up to the others. It is the same if you only have physical players, with no quality. So my idea is to share the two, to create a team with both.

“Above all, the idea is to be competitive [again] and we are doing this, getting competitive little by little with this team. We need more, yes. We can’t do it all in one year. But we have reduced the distance, we have started to compete with some other teams.”

“[Arsenal lacking fighting spirit] This was the first information I received when I arrived here,” Emery added. “The team is, step by step, showing more character.”

Arsenal 2018-19

This season Arsenal has definitely put in better performances. They finished fifth in the Premier League ahead of Manchester United and finished just a point below Tottenham Hotspur.

Gunners also managed to progress to the final of UEFA Europa League and can still qualify for the Champions League next season. A victory in the final will ensure Arsenal’s place in next season’s Champions League.

In terms of performance, there has been improvement from Arsenal. Their defence still looks shaky but progress has been made. Midfield has had their moments throughout the season. Forward line is one area where there is no reason for concern. Lacazette and Aubameyang have been in great form for Gunners.

Signings of Torreira and Guendouzi have been good in the middle.


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