Liverpool overshadows Man City’s treble win

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Manchester City has won unprecedented Domestic treble this season. They have managed to win FA Cup, League Cup and Premier League, add to that the Community Shield they won at the start of the season. Despite winning all four trophies possible in English football, Liverpool seems to have overshadowed their success.

What’s the Story?

We saw probably the greatest Premier League title race in 2018-19. Manchester City won the title by a point. Although their win seems to be shadowed by the fact Liverpool missed out.

Although Manchester City’s achievement is quite brilliant but everyone is occupied with Liverpool for some reason. This is what Pep Guardiola had to say abouth this,

“Liverpool have gone 29 years without winning the Premier League – it’s normal people are waiting for them finally to win,”

“If Liverpool had won the Premier League it would have been an ‘incredible’ achievement. When City win it is ‘oh, it’s okay, it’s an achievement’.”


Why is it so?

Here’s what happened after Manchester City won the FA Cup final against Watford. One Man City fan gatecrashed Guardiola’s press meet and shouted, ” We’ve done the domestic ******* treble. No-one’s ever done it before but you’ll all have Mo Salah on the back of the ******* paper tomorrow.”

Well let’s talk about some of the reasons why is it happening?


Manchester City’s biggest rival is Manchester United but even they wanted City to win the title instead of Liverpool. This shows how people weren’t really rooting for City to win the title but for Liverpool to lose it.


Before the start of the season many believed Liverpool will be a close rival to City for the title. Although not many strongly believed they might even win it. As majority expected Man City to win it but Liverpool’s heroic title challenge became a talking point in the end.


Manchester City boasts such a squad that they can play with two different teams in the Premier League and they both will put in a title challenge. No other team in the Premier League has a squad like them.



Man City is being investigated by FIFA, UEFA, the FA and the Premier League. They are being investigated for their financial reports and youth signings. Add to this the leaked reports of them cheating in their financial matters. There is a common opinion among the football fans that City has indeed being rightly accused.


In the last five season Man City has a net spend of £505.4 M and in last ten years they have spend £1.2billion. It is more than any other Premier League team. In comparison other Premier League clubs have net spend in last five years as such:

Man Utd (£400.5 M)

Chelsea (£290.3 M)

Arsenal (£222.0 M)

Everton (£203.0 M)

Liverpool (£159.4 M)

Tottenham (£43.4 M)

What’s next?

With all these reasons mentioned, City despite winning the treble doesn’t get enough attention or respect. Liverpool’s Premier League challenge and Champions League semi-finals heroics has overshadowed Man City’s achievement this season.

Jurgen Klopp’s men are preparing for their Champions League final on 1 June in Madrid against Tottenham.


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