Premier League Team of the Year: Reaction & Review

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PFA Premier League Team of the Year was announced earlier today. Six players from Manchester City, four from Liverpool and one from Manchester United were selected to be the part of the team.

Premier League Team of the Year

Goalkeeper: Ederson (Man City)

Defenders: Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool), van Dijk (Liverpool), Laporte (Man City), Robertson (Liverpool)

Midfielders: Fernandinho (Man City), Pogba (Man Utd), Bernardo Silva (Man City)

Attackers: Sterling (Man City), Aguero (Man City), Mane (Liverpool)


Social Media erupted when PFA Premier League Team of the Year was anounced today. People reacted to many of the names who have made into the team. Here we are going to discuss each player who were named into the team today.

Untouchable Inclusions

There are few players who rightly made into the team. There is no one out there who are arguing about their inclusion. These players are:

  • Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool)
  • Aymeric Laporte (Man City)
  • Andy Robertson (Liverpool)
  • Bernardo Silva (Man City)

Every other name besides these has been debated by football all over the world. Although there might be a few somewhere out there who believe one of these four doesn’t deserve to be named into this team. But these four completely deserve to be named into the team.



We will go with each player one by one.

Ederson (Man City)

Many people believe Alisson should have been named ahead of his Brazilian compatriot. Ofcourse, many of these people are Liverpool fan but let’s discuss this position.

  • Alisson has 18 clean sheets while Ederson has 16 this season so far.
  • Ederson also has one assist, a shocking stat for a goalkeeper. Alisson has no assists, but that’s not what he is there for.
  • Ederson has a pass success rate of 82.8% and Alisson has 79.9%.
  • Both have won average of 0.3 aerials this season.
  • Alisson has 0.8 clearances per game while Ederson has 0.5.
  • Alisson has avg rating of 6.77 this season and Ederson has a rating of 6.68.

Result: Alisson

Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool)

There are some who suggest Kyle Walker and Aaron Wan-Bissaka could have been chosen ahead of the Alexander-Arnold. But let’s not get into much debate for this one.

  • Arnold has 8 assists this season. Only behind one defender in the list, Robertson. Walker has 1 and Bissaka 2.
  • He has an avg rating of 7.27, Kyle Walker has 6.95 and Wan-Bissaka 7.27.

Result: Alexander-Arnold

Fernardinho (Man City)

Players who have been named as his alternatives in the team are Liverpool’s Fabinho and Wolverhampton’s Neves. But honestly no one should be arguing about his inclusion. Even Man City is finding hard to replace him. Stats and results show Man City perform better with him in the team.

Fabinho didn’t even manage to break into the Liverpool first-team until mid-December. Neves on the other hand has been inconsistent this season.

  • Fernandinho has an avg rating of 7.31, Neves has 6.87 and Fabinho has 6.95.

Result: Fernandinho

Raheem Sterling (Man City)

Names who have been put forward for his position are Liverpool’s Mohammad Salah and Tottenham’s Son Heung-Min.

  • Sterling has 17 goals and 10 assists, Salah has 19 goals and 7 assists, and Son has 12 goals and 6 assists.
  • Raheem Sterling has played 2507 minutes to contribute in 27 goals, Salah has played 3009 minutes to contribute 26 goals and Son has played 1916 minutes to contribute in 18 goals.
  • Sterling has an avg rating of 7.69, Salah has 7.52 and Son has 7.14.

Result: Sterling


Sergio Aguero (Man City)

There aren’t many who are debating about his inclusion. Probably if Kane hadn’t been injured so much this season, he might have been the name on that list. Aubameyang could be the one who could be named instead of Aguero but let’s discuss there stats this season.

  • Aguero has 19 goals and 8 assists in 2220 minutes. Aubameyang has 19 goals and 5 assists in 2463 minutes this season.
  • Aguero has an avg rating of 7.52 and Aubameyang has 7.07.

Result: Aguero

Least Deserving

Paul Pogba (Man Utd)

Paul Pogba is the most debatable name in the team announced today. Christian Eriksen is one who a large number of people believe should have been in the team ahead of the Frenchman. David Silva is also one name discussed for the positon.

  • Pogba has 13 goals and 9 assists, 7 of those goals came from penalty spot. Eriksen has 7 goals and 12 assists and David Silva has 6 goals and 6 assists.
  • Pogba has an avg rating of 7.36, Eriksen has 7.10 and Silva has 7.27.
  • Pogba has pass success rate of 83.1%, Eriksen of 81.2% and Silva has 88.3%.

Result: Pogba

Sadio Mane (Liverpool)

Mane is also one player who many believe shouldn’t be in the team of the year. His biggest rivals are Eden Hazard from Chelsea and Leroy Sane from Manchester City.

  • Mane has 18 goals and 1 assist, Hazard has 16 goals and 13 assists, Sane has 10 goals and 10 assists.
  • Sadio Mane has an avg rating of 7.38, Hazard has 7.81 and Sane has 7.33.
  • Mane has 1.5 dribbles per game, Hazard has 3.6 and Sane has 1.9

Result: Hazard


Reviewed Team of the Year

Goalkeeper: Alisson (Liverpool)

Defenders: Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool), van Dijk (Liverpool), Laporte (Man City), Robertson (Liverpool)

Midfielders: Fernandinho (Man City), Pogba (Man Utd), Bernardo Silva (Man City)

Attackers: Sterling (Man City), Aguero (Man City), Hazard (Chelsea)

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