UCL Quarterfinals: Best possible draws

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We have reached the quarterfinals stage of UEFA Champions League. On Friday, we will find out the fixtures for the quarterfinals stage of the tournament.

Teams that have qualified are Tottenham (ENG), Liverpool (ENG), Manchester United (ENG), Manchester City (ENG), Juventus (ITA), Barcelona (ESP), Ajax (NED) and Porto (POR). For the first time in 10 years, there are four representatives from England in the quarterfinals stage.

Here are some potential fixtures which are worthy of Final in this year’s competition.

Barcelona vs Juventus

Come on, don’t say for even one second that you don’t want this to happen. Ronaldo vs Messi once again, we can never get tired of watching this monstrous rivalry between two of the greatest ever. Both of these clubs met in the group stage last year. Barcelona won at Camp Nou, and the game in Turin ended up in a draw. When last time Barcelona won the Champions League it was against Juventus in 2014, but mind it there was no Ronaldo back then.

Liverpool vs Manchester City

These two teams don’t share a historic rivalry between them, but this rivalry has been booming of late. In recent years whenever these two teams have collided, they have given us something to remember. Whether it was the game at Etihad in January this season or last year’s Champions League tie-up. Klopp vs Guardiola has made it one of the best games to watch in the whole calendar season. When these two collide, there is no shortage of entertainment.

Manchester City vs Manchester United

Wow! if this fixture happens, then be prepared for some controversies and drama. Manchester Derby always lives up to its expectations. Whenever these two Manchester giants come against each other, there is no shortage of drama. These two historical rivals have been having a go at each other for years in the Premier League, but maybe it’s time to witness them in Europe.

Manchester United vs Liverpool

If there is one fixture that can give us more drama, more controversy and more entertainment in England than Manchester Derby it is this one. Liverpool and Manchester United is the most watched football game in terms of the audience reach. Both of these clubs are full of history, legends and trophies but have only met twice in Europe. That meeting happened in the knockout stage of Europa League in 2015, Klopp’s first season in charge. Liverpool managed to win that fixture. Let’s hope to witness this historical rivalry for the first time in Champions League.

Manchester City vs Barcelona

What are we looking at here? Pep Guardiola’s potential comeback to the ground where he earned his legacy. Barcelona is where Pep Guardiola earned his name. It was here with Barcelona when he last won the Champions League title. This fixture can be called a Guardiola-derby. Does Guardiola know how to stop Messi? Is this Barcelona gonna knock out one of their greatest managers ever from the competition he desires the most? We will get the answers to all these questions if this draw happens, all hope for the best.

Some other exciting fixtures possible are:

Tottenham vs Ajax – Return of many former Ajax players

Juventus vs Liverpool – Two of the favourites to win the Champions League

Barcelona vs Manchester United – A game between two of the greatest clubs ever.


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