Chelsea transfer ban: Lessons to be learned from Atletico Madrid

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Chelsea have suffered a huge blow after they were banned for two transfer windows. Atletico Madrid is one club that has also been in the same boat as Chelsea in recent years in regards to bringing in new players to the club.

Back in 2016, both Atletico and Real Madrid were handed transfer bans by football’s governing body for irregularities in signing foreign players under the age of 18.

Both the clubs appealed as Chelsea have done, Real had their sanction reduced, allowing them to sign players in the 2017 summer transfer window. Atletico weren’t so lucky like Real Madid, there two year ban stood still. Meaning they weren’t able to sign any players until the 2018 January transfer window.

Atletico signed Diego Costa from Chelsea in September 2017 – a full four months before the side were allowed to sign anyone because of their ban.

However, the transfer ban doesn’t stop a team from signing players, it only stops them from registering the player at the club, so Chelsea can buy target players but they cannot play them until the ban is upheld. Another possible solution is signing players and sending them on loan. A tactic which is synonymous with Chelsea anyway.


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